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Specialists in
elevating work

Since 1981

Welcome to Qld Access

Established in 1981, Queensland Access, is Australia’s longest running Access Equipment company. Company Directors Carl and Casey Law and Sales Manager Geoff Davies have over 60 years combined experience. Paired with Our Sales & Operations team, we have over 100 years’ combined experience, giving us the knowledge and expertise to look after your Access Equipment needs whatever they may be.
We specialise in Equipment Sales, Cross Hire, 10 Year Re-Certification of all Access Equipment, preventative maintenance, scheduled servicing and spare parts.

Our client base extends throughout Australia, the Americas and Asia-Pacific and as part of its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction we strive to provide the highest quality of elevated work platform sales and services to both individual and corporate clients.


Most frequent questions and answers

As dictated by the EWPA (Elevated Work Platform Association), regular 90-day and annual servicing are mandatory in order to maintain compliance with Australian safety standards.

After the 10-year mark, your EWP will be “out of test” and require 10-year re-certification works. These works ensure that your EWP is in compliance with safety standards and provides an additional 5 years of “in-test” certification.

Yes, we do. Our coverage includes the greater Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne areas. We also have a network of trusted third-party contractors for works outside of these areas.

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